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Our franchise provides an amazing opportunity for you to take your business to the next level. Get unique features and bonuses for your business and earn easily without any hassle. Our team will take care of everything for you.
More about MCJ Accounting Training Institute

We at MCJ Accounting Training Institute are in a unique position in the market. We are a leading accounting training institute in Bangalore. We have branches all across Bangalore and are expanding quickly.

1. Our approach to courses are different. Our courses are 100% practical oriented. This means that students will learn to deal with any real world problems when they learn from this institute.

2. As Chartered Accountants, we have a lot of contacts in the industry. This means that our training staff are one of the best.

3. We have a large database of companies, hence students can apply for a job immediately after finishing their courses.

4. We have updated online materials, Android App, Integrated forums and a solid Online and Offline infrastructure.

5. We have Real Time Training On All Statutory filings with our Simulation Software.

Our infrastructure combined with our skill becomes an excellent platform for students to build a fantastic career.

MCJ Accounting Training Institute is in a unique position in the industry and franchise can benefit from it immensely.

1. MCJ Accounting Training Institute will build 100% confidence to students to handle accounts independently of the organisation.

2. Individual attention will be given to each franchise.

3. Return of Investment will be a minimum of 50% to 100% per annum.

4. Coaching and staffing can be handled by MCJ Accounting Training Institute itself.

5. Online and offline support for Franchise Owners in management.

6. Access to entire student database, Simulation software.

7. Online branch monitoring: You can see the entire details of your branch with live status from anywhere.

8. Promotions, both Online and Offline, will be handled by MCJ Accounting Training Institute.

MCJ Accounting Training Institute will provide additional support for student recruitment, Technical problems and SEO, Google and Facebook presence, Seminars, Due Date tracking, Placement assistance, student recommendations etc.



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