Soft Skills

Soft skills have more to do with who people are, rather than what they know. As such, they encompass the character traits that decide how well one interacts with others and usually are a definite part of an individual's personality. In a competitive labor market, employees who demonstrate they have a good combination of hard and soft skills often see a greater demand for their services.

These skills will help your communicaiton skills and help you in cracking that interview with ease. It will also help you in problem solving, expanding your mindset, time management, networking and teamwork.

Benefits of Soft Skills

Soft skills benefit businesses when they are practiced on a company-wide basis. For example, a collaborative spirit among workers is important. Team members who are able to work well with people of different generations and backgrounds are generally more productive and better able to focus on common priorities. Efficiency and output improve when workers collaborate by sharing knowledge and tools to get jobs done. The ability to learn new methods and technologies also is a desired soft skill for all workers.

Companies that value learning as a soft skill recognize various learning styles and encourage workers to pursue the methods that work best for them. Good troubleshooting is a soft skill that also is valuable to companies. For example, companies can operate more efficiently and increase productivity when all workers know how to troubleshoot Tally software problems instead of relying on the information technology (IT) department for every fix.

Course Contents

You will learn the following things when you take up this course:

Communication skills (2 hrs)
Problem solving skills (1 hr)
Decision making skills (1 hr)
Growth mindset (1 hr)
Interview skills (1 hr)
Interpersonal relations (1 hr)
Effective team working ability (1 hr)
Creative thinking skills (1 hr)
Time management (1 hr)
Listening skills (1 hr)
Positive attitude (1 hr)
Self confidence (1 hr)
Body language (1 hr)
Self motivation (1 hr)

Course Duration

25 Hours total.
Will be conducted during weekends. Please contact us for more information.


Standalone: Rs. 5000/-
Combined with PAT: Rs. 3000/-
What you'll Learn

You will be able to add these skills to your resume after learning this course:
- Good Communication skills
- Coordination Skills
- How to use quick-thinking
- How to speed up your work
- Team Work
And a lot more...